Office Buildings


Office buildings are an interesting area of real estate.

As a buyer, whether you’re an end user who needs an office space, entire floor or entire building, you’ve got your own specific needs and wants.  It is our job to properly qualify you to find out exactly what your current needs are, but to also delve further into things and gain an understanding of not only where you are now, but where you anticipate being 5yrs from now, 10yrs from now, 15yrs from now.  That’s what makes Cancorp different.  We develop a relationship with our clients so that we find them the best possible solution for their needs now and into the future.

As a seller, whether you’re moving up, downsizing or just changing your asset mix in your portfolio, Cancorp is ready to help.  We have a dedicated database of buyers that we’ve built over our 15 years in the industry.  They are qualified and able to act quickly to secure an opportunity.  When you get an offer from a Cancorp client, you know that, if everything is as it should be, the odds are very good that the sale will close.  We’ve got the closing track record to prove it!