Whether you’re just stating out, a seasoned investor or a multi-billion dollar overseas fund acquiring and disposing of portfolio properties, Cancorp has worked with clients just like you.  Our seasoned professionals are here to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience from start to finish.

For the Beginning Investor

We understand that you’re new to real estate investing.  We know you’re probably nervous.  That’s actually a good thing!  We’re here to help.  We’ve worked with people who are just starting their real estate investment careers.  Even the largest real estate investors in the world started with their first property.  Whether you’re looking for a 6-plex or a 12 unit apartment building, talk to one of our seasoned professionals about your real estate goals and we’ll help you make your first investment as good an experience as possible.

For the Experienced Investor

You know what you’re doing and we know it.  We work with you to get all the relevant information you need to make an informed investment decision.  We’ll do our usual pre-due diligence before we even present you with an opportunity so that you know when it hits your desk it’s worth looking at.  That’s why our clients like us so much and why when Cancorp calls, people take the call.  Cancorp means business.  So whether you’re looking to acquire or dispose of a single property or a portfolio of properties, 25 doors or 500 doors, we’ve done it and we can do it for you too.Sherobee

For the World Class Investor

As buyers, our job is to present you with the best opportunities we’re able to find.   Your time is money and we don’t waste your time.  If Cancorp contacts you, it means we’ve gathered all the relevant information, run our analysis on the property and know that it makes financial sense.  Naturally you’re going to have your teams perform your own due diligence but we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate all the legwork that was done before we even contact you.  Again, saving you time and helping you make a shrewd investment is our primary goal.

As sellers, odds are that if you’re getting a call from Cancorp, it’s because we’ve been tasked with finding a property that meets a certain criteria, and you own such a property.  Our investment unit doesn’t seek out “listings”, that’s not what we do.  We have a proprietary property database built by our dedicated research department over our 15 years in the industry.  When a buyer comes to us and says we need a property with certain specifications, we know who to contact.  As a seller, a call from Cancorp means that your property, if the numbers make sense and everything else is as it should be, will likely sell to one of our many qualified buyers.